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PE Activity #27 - "Frisbee Golf"

OVERVIEW: Frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, is a fun and challenging game that can be played alone or with friends. It involves throwing a frisbee into a series of targets, such as baskets, in as few throws as possible.


  • Frisbee or disc golf disc

  • Targets such as baskets or cones

  • Scorecard

SETUP: Set up the targets in a strategic course layout, such as in a park or open field, with a starting point and designated finishing point. The targets should be placed at varying distances and difficulties to create a challenging course.


  1. Start at the designated starting point and throw the frisbee towards the first target.

  2. Continue throwing the frisbee towards each target until you reach the designated finishing point.

  3. Count the number of throws it takes to get the frisbee into each target, and keep track of your score on the scorecard.

  4. The player with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.

MAKE IT EASIER: If you're just starting out, you can make frisbee golf easier by:

  • Shortening the distance between targets

  • Using larger targets such as cones instead of baskets

  • Playing with a partner to help guide you and offer tips

MAKE IT HARDER: If you want to increase the difficulty of frisbee golf, you can:

  • Increase the distance between targets

  • Use smaller targets such as baskets instead of cones

  • Add obstacles such as trees or bushes in the course

  • Play against more experienced players


Give it a go this week and stay tuned for next week's PE idea. Make sure you subscribe to get all 52 straight to your inbox!

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