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PE Activity #26 - "Basketball Race"


The Basketball Skills Challenge is a fun and competitive way to improve your basketball skills. It involves a series of drills and exercises that test your dribbling, shooting, and ball-handling abilities.


  • Basketball

  • Cones or markers

  • Stopwatch or timer

SETUP: Set up the cones or markers in a specific pattern to create a course, and designate starting and finishing points. The course should include various challenges such as dribbling, shooting, and passing drills.


  1. Start at the designated starting point and dribble the ball through the course, following the designated pattern.

  2. Stop at each challenge and complete the designated drill, such as a layup, free throw, or three-point shot.

  3. Time yourself or have someone else time you to see how quickly you can complete the course.

  4. Repeat the course multiple times to improve your skills and beat your previous times.

MAKE IT EASIER: If you're just starting out, you can make the Basketball Skills Challenge easier by:

  • Using a larger ball or a softer ball

  • Shortening the distance between challenges

  • Modifying the drills to suit your skill level

MAKE IT HARDER: If you want to increase the difficulty of the Basketball Skills Challenge, you can:

  • Use a smaller ball or a heavier ball

  • Increase the distance between challenges

  • Add more challenging drills, such as dribbling through cones or performing trick shots

  • Compete against other players to see who can complete the course the fastest



Give it a go this week and stay tuned for next week's PE idea. Make sure you subscribe to get all 52 straight to your inbox!

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