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PE Activity #25 - "Soccer Chaos"


Soccer Chaos is an exciting and challenging individual soccer activity that involves protecting your own cone while trying to knock over the cones of other players. It is called "chaos" because there are no teams, and every player is on their own.


  • Soccer ball

  • Cones or markers

  • Cones or markers for each player

SETUP: Set up the field by placing cones or markers to designate the boundaries. Each player should also have their own cone or marker placed a few feet away from them.


  1. Start the game by having each player place their cone or marker in front of them.

  2. The objective of the game is to knock over the cones of other players while protecting your own. Players can only use their feet to kick the ball and must stay within the designated boundaries.

  3. If a player's cone is knocked over, they must perform a designated exercise or penalty, such as doing 10 push-ups or running a lap around the field.

  4. The game continues until a predetermined time limit or until one player remains with their cone still standing.


  • Use a larger ball that is easier to control.

  • Allow players to use their hands to block the ball from hitting their cone.

  • Have players form small teams and work together to protect each other's cones.


  • Use a smaller ball that is more difficult to control.

  • Increase the distance between the cones, making it harder to score.

  • Add obstacles to the field, such as cones or other players, to make it more challenging to maneuver around.



Give it a go this week and stay tuned for next week's PE idea. Make sure you subscribe to get all 52 straight to your inbox!

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