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PE Activity #11 - "Rats & Rabbits"

Updated: Mar 13


  • Develops reaction time and speed

  • Fun and engaging

  • Great for a warm up

  • Works best on basketball court


  • None (Cones if no basketball lines available)


  1. Students in pairs and line up opposite each other at the half way line - 1 metre apart

  2. One line are the 'rats' (blue) one are the 'rabbits' (red)

  3. The teacher shouts "rats" or "rabbits" and then these students turn and run to the end line while the other partner tries to catch them

  4. Eg: "Rats" = blue students turn and run while red partner tries to catch them

  5. If the runner gets to the end line, they get 1 point. If the catcher touches the runner before the end line, they get one point


  • Easier = start further, shorter running distance

  • Harder = start closer, longer running distance, switch names (Rats = Rabbits etc)

Give it a go this week and stay tuned for next week's PE idea.

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