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PE Activity #9 - "Kickball Dodgeball"

Enjoy this hugely popular PE activity! Kickball Dodgeball is a modern take on the classic kickball game that your students will love!


  • Excellent activity to evaluate motor skills

  • Similar to baseball

  • Develops multiple skills

  • Requires kicking, throwing & running

  • Extremely fun!


  • Baseball setup with home-base & 3 hoops/ bases

  • Can use basketball court (2 is better!)


  1. Two teams, one spreads out in the area (fielders) and the other behind hoop 1 (kickers/runners)

  2. The PE teacher bowls the ball underarm to the kicker, they kick the ball between bases 2 and 4 and try to run to base 1, 2, 3 or 4 before the fielding team gets the ball back to the PE teacher (play stops) or runs out the kicking player

  3. The kicking/running player needs to try and get back to hoop 1 for a home run point

  4. They are out if the fielding team throws the ball at them (dodgeball-style) or runs them out

  5. Maximum 1 kicker/runner in a hoop at one time

  6. Repeat until all the kickers/runners are out or have run to base 1 for a point

  7. Swap teams and repeat 1-3 times


  • Easier = smaller distance

  • Harder = kickers can be caught out

Give it a go this week and stay tuned for next week's PE idea.

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