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PE Activity #3 - "Cheva"

This is a classic soccer warmup activity that is easy to play, requires no setup and is a lot of fun!


  • Warm up activity

  • Ages 5+

  • No equipment, just a ball

  • Play anywhere

  • 5 - 20 people


  • Soccer ball


  1. Players form a circle with the ball

  2. Two players are in the middle (can do 3 if total numbers > 15)

  3. The players on the outside of the circle must keep the ball off the players in the middle.

  4. When the players in the middle win it, the player on the outside who made the mistake goes in the middle


  • Make if harder by limiting players to 1 touch or putting 3 players in the middle.

  • Make it easier with more touches and less defenders

Give it a go this week and let us know how it goes!

Stay tuned for next week's PE idea!

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