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PE Activity #6 - "Mini World Cup"

A hugely popular activity based on the soccer/football World Cup but can be used with ANY sport!


  • Ages 5+

  • Equipment needed

  • Play anywhere, oval is best

  • 20+ people


  • Soccer ball

  • Bibs

  • 2 Goals

  • Cones


  • Split group into 3 even teams

  • Two teams are on the field, one team is on the sideline as bouncers (The teams playing can pass to them)

  • Two teams play and try and score, if one team scores, the team who conceded goes off and the 'bouncers' come on.

  • Keep count of how many wins each team has!


  • Make it easier by making the area smaller, less players, bigger goals

  • Make it harder by making all players have to be over the half way line for a goal to count or make the field bigger

Give it a go this week and stay tuned for next week's PE idea.

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