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PE Activity #7 - "Snowball Tag"


  • Warm up or team building activity

  • Develops team-work, strategy, communication and speed!


  • 4 cones (Or use 1/3 basketball lines)

  • Soft dodgeball


  1. All students start in the marked out area

  2. Two taggers begin, one has the 'snowball'

  3. Taggers can't move with the 'snowball' in hand and must pass it between themselves to try and touch other players with the ball

  4. When someone is touched with the 'snowball,' they join the tagging team

  5. The winner is the last person standing!


  • Easier = bigger area

  • Harder = smaller area, more taggers, timed

Give it a go this week and let us know how it goes!

Stay tuned for next week's PE idea!

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