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PE Activity #5 - "Tic Tac Toe Relay"


  • Warm up or team building activity

  • Develops team-work, strategy, communication and speed!


  • 9 hoops

  • 2 cones

  • 6 bean bags


  1. Two teams line up

  2. On the whistle, the 1st person from each team runs out and the first person to get to the hoops places their beanbag where they like, then runs back

  3. Both teams continue until one teams wins with 3 beanbags in a row

  4. If all beanbags are placed in hoops without a winner, runners must pick up bean bag and bring it back from the hoops to the next runner in their team

  5. Repeat several times!


  • Easier = shorter run

  • Harder = longer run, 4x4 hoops

Give it a go this week and let us know how it goes!

Stay tuned for next week's PE idea!

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