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Have We Just Made The Beep Test FUN?

Big call, we know.

If you've ever taught PE before and ran the Beep Test, you'll know this fundamental truth ...


Why? Many reasons. It's hard, embarrassing, uncomfortable, exposing, sweaty, mentally-challenging. The list goes on. Just ask the kids.

So, should we ban the Beep Test?


I think it is vitally important that students are challenged, know their fitness level and experience the opportunity to improve year on year.

But here at PE Buddy we certainly thought that the Beep Test could use an upgrade. So we created a better version for ages16+ with verbal instructions, norms and a V02 max predictor.

What about the kids and teenagers?

Well, we've come up with something radical. Some different. Something crazy. Something crazy enough that it might just work?

Introducing The Beep Test Quest! A fun version of the Beep Test. Yes we said fun. Here's what we've done:

📖 Added An Exciting Story: Become brave warriors on a quest to return stolen treasure to your homeland in a magical fantasy world! No more boring beep tests, it's time for adventure!

🎮 Gamified The Fun: Explore new levels filled with challenges! Run through leg-burning lava fields, conquer misery mountain, and brave the sea of misery! Can you outsmart the evil witch and her pet werewolf, plus Utrid the Destroyer?

🎵 Added Motivational Music: Feel the excitement with epic tunes throughout your quest! It's like being in your very own adventure movie!

🏆 Added A Goal: The quest ends at level 10! Goals increase motivation and performance, fact. Now kids don't finish when they are tired or can't be bothered. And if they reach level 10 then can try the 16+ beep test! Here are the levels:

  • Level 1: The Faraway Village

  • Level 2: The Leg-Burning Lava Fields

  • Level 3: The Doubting Forest

  • Level 4: Mountain of Misery

  • Level 5: Swamp of Snakes

  • Level 6: Evil Witch and Werewolf

  • Level 7: Neighbouring Village

  • Level 8: Sea of Despair

  • Level 9: Utrid the Destroyer

  • Level 10: Home!

So, will this work? Will this magically make all kids and teenagers love the Beep Test? Maybe! Maybe not. Let's find out, hey?

One thing is for sure, kids can't HATE the current standard Beep Test any more than they do already! So why not try something new? Maybe it will work and hundreds of thousands of kids all around the world will want to run, be active and become healthier! What an amazing thing that would be.

We challenge you to try this with your class!

Let us know how you go in the comments below.

Jamie - PE Buddy founder and big-time dreamer

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