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Fitness Testing - How Fit Are You?

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Are you fit?

How do you know? What are you measuring?

Well, there are 11 Fitness Components that we can measure to determine if someone is fit or not. These all have specific tests that are commonly done in schools, sport and gyms.

Let's Define our Terms

What is fitness?

  • "The state or condition of being fit"

How many things can we test?

  • 11 Fitness Components

Why Test Fitness?

  • Collect baseline data

  • Compare students/athletes

  • Check for improvement

  • Increase motivation


1.Cardiorespiratory Fitness

This relies on the heart and lungs and involves long distance exercise

Test = The Beep Test

2. Muscular Strength

This relies on muscles being able to lift very heavy weight

Test = 1rm squat OR pistol squat

3. Muscular Endurance

This relies on muscles being able to do a movement over and over again

Test = maximum push up or sit up test

4. Flexibility

This relies on muscles and joints being able to move in a full range of motion

Test = Sit and reach or finger touch test

5. Body composition

This is about the amount of muscle and fat your body has

Test = skin folds or BMI

6. Agility

This is about being able to move your body quickly

Test = Illinois Agility

7. Balance This is about being able to maintain your body in one position

Test = stork stand

8. Power

This is about explosive movements

Test = vertical jump or broad jump

9. Speed This is about moving quickly

Test = 20 metre sprint

10. Coordination

This is about being able to do multiple things at once

Example: AHWT test

11. Reaction Time This is about reacting quickly to something.

Example: ruler drop test

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