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The Benefits of Physical Activity

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

We are always told to exercise more, right?

But why? What does it actually do for us?

Well, today you'll learn about the benefits of physical activity!

Let's Define our Terms

What is physical activity?

"Any body movement that works your muscles and uses more energy than resting."

- National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute (1)

Key question: what would happen if you never moved again?

  • Body fat ↑

  • Amount of muscle ↓

  • Overall strength ↓

  • Bone strength ↓

  • Blood pressure ↑

  • Risk of diabetes and cancer ↑

  • Risk of early death ↑

You'd go from this ...

To this...

So, what happens when you do physical activity?

  • Body fat ↓

  • Amount of muscle ↑

  • Strength ↑

  • Bone strength ↑

  • Blood pressure ↓

  • Risk of diabetes and cancer ↓

  • Risk of early death ↓

How much Physical Activity?

And those are just the physical benefits of exercise! Regular physical activity improves our social, emotional and mental health as well!

Top Tips for Exercising Consistently

  1. Start small, aim for 10 minutes per day. Then build up from there to 30-60 minutes per day depending on your age!

  2. Find something you enjoy: sport, gym, walking, riding, running, yoga, gardening, LARPing. It all counts!

  3. Find an exercise buddy! Working out with a partner or group significantly increase motivation, accountability and results!

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