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PE Activity #35 - "Hula Hoop Race"


Hula Hoop Relay Race is a fun and active game that challenges students' coordination and speed.


Hula hoops and cones.


Set up two cones at each end of the playing area to mark the start and finish lines. Divide students into teams and assign each team a hula hoop. The goal is for each team member to run to the finish line while keeping the hula hoop moving around their waist, then pass it to the next team member to repeat the process until all team members have completed the race.


Emphasize the importance of keeping the hula hoop moving while running and passing it to the next team member as quickly as possible. Encourage students to cheer on their teammates.

Making it easier:

Use larger hula hoops or allow students to hold the hula hoop with their hands instead of around their waist.

Making it harder:

Use smaller hula hoops or require students to complete an additional challenge (e.g., jumping jacks or squats) before passing the hula hoop to the next team member.



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