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PE Activity #34 - "Cooperation Volleyball"

OVERVIEW: Cooperation Volleyball is a fun and engaging physical education activity that promotes teamwork and communication skills among participants. The objective of the game is to work together as a team to keep the ball in play and score points against the opposing team.


  • Volleyball

  • Net

  • Cones or markers to outline the court boundaries

SETUP: Divide the players into two teams and set up the volleyball net in the middle of the playing area. Mark out the court boundaries using cones or markers. Each team should have an equal number of players on either side of the net.


  • The game is the same as volleyball

  • Both teams have a maximum of 3 touches before the ball must be returned to the other side

  • It begins with one team serving to the other

  • However, instead of trying to score points for your team against the opposing team, both teams are trying to work together get the most amount of touches between the 2 teams

  • Keep score of how many total touches are gained by both teams

MAKE IT EASIER: To make Cooperation Volleyball easier for participants, allow for more than three touches per side. This will give players more opportunities to pass the ball and keep it in play.

MAKE IT HARDER: To make Cooperation Volleyball more challenging, limit each team to only two touches per side. This will require players to communicate and work together more efficiently to keep the ball in play



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