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PE Activity #18 - "Tunnel Tag"

OVERVIEW: Tunnel Tag is a fun variation of tag where the "it" player chases other players through a tunnel created by the other players.

EQUIPMENT: No equipment is necessary for Tunnel Tag, although it can be played in a designated playing area such as a field or gymnasium.

SETUP: The playing area should be designated and boundaries should be set. All players should start on one end of the playing area.


  1. One player is designated as "it" and must chase other players.

  2. To create a tunnel, two or more players stand facing each other and raise their arms to create an arch. Other players can run through the tunnel to avoid being tagged.

  3. If a player is tagged, they become "it" and the game continues.

  4. The game can continue for a set amount of time or until all players have had a chance to be "it".

MAKE IT EASIER: To make Tunnel Tag easier, allow players to go through the tunnel multiple times before they have to join the chase. You can also allow players to go around the tunnel if they do not want to go through it.

MAKE IT HARDER: To make Tunnel Tag harder, limit the number of players who can create the tunnel or require that players can only go through the tunnel a certain number of times before they have to join the chase. You can also make the tunnel smaller or require that players crawl through the tunnel instead of running.



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