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How to Create a Full 2024 Scope & Sequence in 30 Seconds!

Not long until school starts ... again!

Are you ready?

Tis the time of the year when we bury our heads into tedious curriculum documents and try to dish our relevant content descriptors, standards and critiera to loosely mesh into some kind of yearly plan (also known as Scope and Sequence).


And also time-consuming, inaccurate and a waste of the most precious commodity in the entire world: time.

I'm sure you're aware but the Scope and Sequence determines EVERYTHING else that is throughout the year. So, bad S&S = bad teaching. It's very simple.

But no more! Let's stop this guilt-fuelled 'have-to-do-it-myself' mentality that is literally part-cause of the biggest migration of teachers away from the profession in decades!

There is a better way 😊

Have a watch of this ...

A customised Scope and Sequence in 30 seconds!

Why on earth would we go back to our old prehistoric manual methods?

How many hours could you save per year with technology like this?

Well, do ant to try it for free? Click here!

AND, we have a special launch offer of 50% off both Monthly and Annual Plans! Check out for more information. Prices rise each week in January!

Maximum impact.

Minimal time and effort.

That should be our goal! We hope ChatGPE helps achieve that goal.

  • Jamie - PE Buddy Founder and king of efficiency

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