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Introducing ChatGPE - your new AI sidekick for PE!

Updated: Jan 18

Ok, this is a game-changer! You'll want to read this ...

By now we've all heard of AI, right? Artificial intelligence has taken over the world (in a good way, so far) and has quickly infiltrated education as well. You've probably used it, your students have definitely used it and we've used it a lot!

We've tried all the big ones! Canva is cool for visuals, Bing is average at everything and ChatGPT is great but very generic and relies on users knowing how to craft very techy prompts and is therefore not so friendly for beginners or the 'technologically challenged' amongst us! But nothing was quite right for us PE teachers.

So ... we decided the make our own!

Introducing ChatGPE: an AI-powered PE resource generator designed to save you hundreds of hours each year!

We've designed it with these 3 key principles in mind:

  • Simplicity

  • Specificity

  • Savings-icity

1. Simplicity:

AI is new for everyone and can be intimidating to start with. So we've designed ChatGPE to be as easy as possible to use (and master!) for even the most technologically-intolerant people. Check out our FREE user guide below:

ChatGPE User Guide (1)
Download PDF • 268KB


2. Specificity:

Unlike other AI's which produce very generic results or require advanced-level prompts, ChatGPE is designed to cater to YOUR specific Physical Education curriculum, topic and teaching style! It is structured to guide you to produce personalised resources that you can use straight away. No more cookie-cutter resources that won't fit your teaching! Here's what it looks like:

3. Savings-icity (Yes, we know this is not a word)

We want to make ChatGPE affordable for everyone. AI shouldn't break the bank! We've priced ChatGPE to be the same price as a few coffees per month to save you hours per year! Plus, it's tax deductible.

AND, we have a special launch offer of 66% off both Monthly and Annual Plans! Check out for more information and learn how to lock in 66% off even when prices rise each week in January!

Ok, enough waffling, here's a demo. A picture tells a thousands words right? So a video must be even more!

Interested yet?

We think you should be! Life is too short to waste unpaid nights, weekends and holidays manually creating resources, searching through boring curriculum documents and writing sub-par lesson plans. Our students deserve better, and so do we!

This is what people are saying so far ...

So, are you ready to make 2024 your most efficient year yet?

Maximum impact.

Minimal time and effort.

That should be our goal! We hope ChatGPE helps achieve that goal.

  • Jamie - PE Buddy Founder and king of efficiency

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