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Are ChatGPT-generated teaching resources any good?

"The proof is in the pudding," as they say. So let's check out the pudding!

There's a lot of talk about at the moment about teaching resources created by ChatGPT (including by us!), but if they are no good, then there's no point!

So, here are a few downloadable Health & Physical Education resources that we created in 30 seconds using ChatGPT. You be the judge! Are they worse, the same or better than you could make? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Resource 1: Generic Physical Education Rubric:

Download DOCX • 455KB

Prompt used: "You are a PE teacher. Create a simple, generic rubric to assess Physical Education skills for year 8's, using the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Format it in a table."

Resource 2: Assessment with Rubric on Drugs and Alcohol for Year 10

Assessment for Drugs and Alcohol
Download DOCX • 457KB

Prompt used:

"You are a PE teacher. Create an assessment for year 10 on drugs and alcohol. Base it on the Australian Health and Physical Education curriculum. Make it project-based with an overview, curriculum links, instructions and a simple rubric in table format using curriculum content descriptors as criteria."

Resource 3: Lesson plan for the Respiratory System for Year 9's

Lesson Plan for Respiratory System
Download DOCX • 456KB

Prompt used:

"You are a PE teacher. Create a lesson plan for the structure and function of the respiratory system. Make it based on the Australian HPE curriculum, for year 9's, 1 hour long, include Learning Intentions and Success Criteria."

So, what's the verdict? Is ChatGPT a trending fad that will disappear like planking, mullets or fidget spinners?

It has been said, and we agree, that ChatGPT can get you 90% of where to you need to go. But you need to add the last 10%! Add you personal touch, tweak or touch.

Want to learn more? Enrol in our online course! Save 48% off with code BLOG48 for PE-specific course and WELCOMETOCHATGPT for general teaching course (Sale ends Sunday!)

Learn how to create better teaching resources in less time! Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to access Chat GPT

  • How to use Chat GPT

  • The 3 P's of A.I success: Plan, Prompt, Produce

  • How to get ideas and turn them into resources

  • How to repurpose information

  • How to create lesson plans, assessments, PowerPoints, unit plans and more!

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The power that AI has and the impact it can have for Phys Ed Teachers are endless. The more we embrace this technological advance the more we can start putting real time into adapting plans and ideas for every topic we cover.

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