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52 weeks. 52 free PE activities. What next?

52 weeks. 52 PE ideas. You're welcome!

And that's a wrap, folks! We have absolutely loved creating our weekly PE activity ideas and sending them out to you. We certainly hope they have been useful. They are all tried and tested so we can guarentee that students love them!

But did you love them? What did you think? If you've got any feedback for us, here are 2 options for you:

So, what now?

Well, firstly, we got so excited by our PE ideas that we turned them into videos on our brand-new TikTok account - check them out here!

As for this blog, from Jan 1 2024 onwards, we'll be restricting it for PE Buddy Members only. You can check out our Membership options at And because you legends have been part of this epic journey this year, we're excited to offer you 50% off Annual Membership! This will test out who really reads these posts! Just use the code BLOGLEGEND at checkout.

Want to download ALL the PDF's?

No worries! There are several options. These premium PDF's are perfect for printing or keeping digitally and provide overview, setup, instructions, diagrams and progressions/regressions for all 52 PE activities!

  • Get individual PDF's on our Teachers Pay Teachers page

  • Download our 50 PDF bundle (Save $99!) on our website

  • Get ALL our 52+ premium PE idea PDF's + 150+ other PE resources including PowerPoints, worksheets, assessments, rubrics and more by becoming a Member! Get 50% off Annual Membership with the code BLOGLEGEND at checkout

Thanks legends!

We hope you have had a fantastic 2023! We certainly have. It's always great looking back through the highs and lows of teaching PE to amazing young people all over the world. It has never been more important to inspire the youth of today to fall in love with health, fitness and sport. With the rise of technology and decline of physical activity worldwide, you, PE teachers everywhere, have the incredible privilidge and responsiblity of spreading fun, laughter and movement and creating lifelong memories, habits and passions for millions of students.

Well done, you! Enjoy some time off. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Bring on 2024 :)

Jamie from PE Buddy

(Want to connect with me? Here's my LinkedIn. Want to connect with 20,000 other PE Teachers from around the world? Join our Facebook group!)


Also, check out our PE resources!

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