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PE Activity #29 - "Capture The Flag"

Lesson Plan: Capture the Flag


Students will learn and play Capture the Flag, an outdoor game that promotes teamwork and strategy. The objective is to capture the opposing team's flag while defending their own.


  • Flags (two different colours or designs)

  • Cones or markers to define boundaries

  • Whistle or signal device


  1. Choose a large outdoor area and mark boundaries.

  2. Place each team's flag at the back of their territory.

  3. Divide students into two teams of equal size.


  1. Explain the game's rules and objectives: there is a halfway safe zone. Players need to try and steal the opponents flag and bring it back to their half to win. If caught in the opposition half, they go to jail

  2. Assign roles: flag defenders, flag carriers, and jailbreakers.

  3. Start the game and let teams strategize.

  4. Enforce rules, monitor fair play, and encourage teamwork.

  5. Pause the game after a set time for discussion.

  6. Resume the game for multiple rounds, allowing role switches.

Changes and Adaptations:

  • Modify boundaries, time limits, or number of flags based on needs.

  • Use foam balls or touch tagging instead of physical contact.

  • Introduce special abilities or power-ups.

  • Create mixed-age teams for collaboration.

  • Adapt the game to be inclusive for all students.



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