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Lesson Plan: The Dimensions of Health

Learning Intentions:

  1. Understand the different dimensions of health.

  2. Identify the importance of maintaining a balanced and holistic approach to well-being.

Success Criteria:

  1. Students will be able to list and explain the various dimensions of health.

  2. Students will demonstrate understanding of the interconnectedness between different dimensions of health.


Duration: Approximately 60 minutes


  1. Introduction (5 minutes): a. Greet the students and introduce the learning intentions for the lesson. b. Explain that the objective is to explore the dimensions of health and understand the significance of maintaining a balanced and holistic approach to well-being. c. Share the success criteria with the students.

  2. Dimensions of Health (25 minutes): a. Divide the class into small groups or pairs. b. Show the students the PowerPoint presentation from the link provided ( c. Instruct the students to take notes during the presentation, focusing on the different dimensions of health. d. Encourage students to discuss the information with their group members and ask questions for clarification. e. After the presentation, engage the class in a brief discussion to review the main points and address any questions or concerns.

  3. Group Activity: a. Create 5 groups. b. Give each group a poster paper and a Dimension of Health (Eg: physical, mental etc). c. Each group needs to research and include the following on their poster:

  • Heading

  • Definition

  • Statistics

  • Examples

  • Strategy to improve dimension of health

  1. Recap and Conclusion (10 minutes): a. Have a class discussion to review the answers on the worksheet, allowing students to share their responses and insights. b. Emphasize the interconnectedness between different dimensions of health and how they collectively contribute to overall well-being. c. Summarize the importance of addressing each dimension and maintaining a balanced and holistic approach to health. d. Conclude the lesson by highlighting that taking care of all dimensions of health leads to a better quality of life.

Optional Extension:

If time permits, you can assign a reflective writing task where students can write a short paragraph discussing which dimensions of health they feel they need to improve and how they plan to do so. This activity encourages self-reflection and goal-setting.

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