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Lesson Plan: Learn the Muscles!

Year level: 7-11

Duration: 1 hour

Curriculum: Any

Objective: Students will recognise and name major muscles in the human body.


  1. PowerPoint presentation

  2. Projector and screen

  3. Whiteboard and markers

  4. Diagrams or charts of major muscles

Introduction (10 minutes):

  1. See which muscles your students already know with this video

  2. Students will need a pen and paper or sticky note

Presentation (20 minutes):

  1. Use this PowerPoint to show major muscles with diagrams and charts.

  2. Talk about where these muscles are and what they do.

  3. Explain why knowing about major muscles is useful for understanding our bodies.

Activity - Muscle Identification (15 minutes):

  1. Give each student anatomical diagram

  2. Have students label the muscles individually or in pairs.

  3. Review correct answers using the PowerPoint.

Application - Muscle Game (15 minutes):

  1. Get your students to Google 'Poke a Muscle'

  2. This is a super fun game that helps learn the muscles of the body

Homework/Extension (Optional): Challenge students to complete level 3 of 'Poke a Muscle' (This is probably university level knowledge but students love a challenge!)

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