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PE Activity #37 - "Tall Towers"

Updated: Sep 7


A fun team-building warm-up activity that can be used for any sports with sticks, bats or paddles


Just the stick, bat or paddle


All players need a stick balancing vertically and need to be in a tight circle, no more than 1m from the next person


  • The teacher or a student counts down from 3, 2, 1 - GO

  • Everyone leaves their stick stand and moves to the left to catch their partner's stick

  • Continue until everyone gets the hang of this activity

  • Then you can introduce elimination whereby if a player drops their stick, they are out and the group takes a small step in to fill the hole left

  • Continue until there is a winner!

Making easier:

Have players closer together

Making harder:

Have players further apart and mix up between going left and right



Give it a go this week and stay tuned for next week's PE idea. Make sure you subscribe to get all 52 straight to your inbox!

Also, check out our PE resources!

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