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PE Activity #12 - "King of the Castle"

Hey there! Before we get into this week's PE activity idea. I'd love to let you know about PE Buddy's other great resources! Our mission is to make life easier for PE teachers, students and athletes - everywhere! Here's how we achieve this:

- Jamie, PE Buddy founder (Let's connect on LinkedIn!)


  • Develops accuracy under pressure

  • Fun and competitive

  • Great for a warm up activity

  • Suits frisbee, lacrosse and softball

  • Best on oval


  • One line of cones

  • Equipment for chosen sport (gloves, ball etc)


  1. Group splits in pairs

  2. Each pair lines up facing each other 2 metres apart

  3. One line (red) always stays at the start line (cones)

  4. The PE teacher blows the whistle and the person on the cone line throws their frisbee to their partner

  5. If the partner catches it, they stay where they are or move towards the king spot (Top of line)

  6. If the partner drops it, both partners go back down to dunce (bottom of line)

  7. After each throw, the one line of people takes one step backwards to increase difficulty

  8. Repeat!


  • Easier = shorter distance

  • Harder = long distance, time limit

Give it a go this week and stay tuned for next week's PE idea.

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