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PE Activity #1 - "Everybody's It"

Updated: Jan 2

Welcome to our 1st of 52 PE ideas! We'll be posting a brand new activity idea each Sunday at 10am in 2023. Subscribe here!

"Everybody's It" is a fun and active warm up activity perfect to get students moving and very easy to set up and run quickly!


  • None (Just cones if you're on an oval)


  • You'll need a marked out area (1/3 or 1/2 of a basketball is usually good).

  • Use lines of court OR cones (approximately 20x20m)


  • All students start in the marked out area

  • All students are 'It' and need to try and tag all other students

  • If student A gets tagged, they bob down BUT need to keep an eye on the student B who tagged them

  • Once student B gets tagged, they bob down and student A gets up and rejoins the game

  • If 2 students tag each other at the same time, they do paper, scissors, rock and the winner continues and the loser bobs down

  • The winner is the last student standing!


  • Make it easier = bigger area, more time

  • Make it harder = smaller area, time limit

Give it a go this week and Stay tuned for next week's PE idea. Make sure you subscribe to get all 52 straight to your inbox!


Everybody's It!
Download PDF • 14.94MB

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